when you have high standards regarding your voice talent – rightly so. We share that.
You’ll see, a collaboration with me is all about:







My VO-toolbox is big: There is the sledghammer as well as the tiniest rasp and everything in between.
Less is not enough! It’s your story I’m telling.
No matter if the genre is TV commercial, corporate videos, product videos, explainers, e-learning/training, IVR, lip-sync dubbing, audio book, ear play, off screen narration, podcast, audio guide, Virtual Reality (VR) or even a format that nobody has ever heard of up to now.


Versatility is very important in the VO business!
But to me everything comes down to understand and being understood.
Speaking directly to the listeners ears means to think with the listeners brain.
This seems such a basic thing, but it is not an easy thing to do. It takes experience, empathy and skills.
That is exactly what I have to offer.

How do you get your VO recording?


It always begins with you telling me what you want so say. I am all ears.

In case you are not sure yet, which direction to choose, I will be able to suggest something that is going to work for your your project.

We talk about feel and atmosphere, about tonality, pacing and intensity. Maybe you have a reference track or video, you would like to show me? – Great! Everyting that helps us to tune in to the same frequency, is highly welcome.


You will receive a quote for your project, based on volume and / or usage.

Usually, these are included services:

Recording in my pro studio
Editing and finalizing (ready to use)
One round of correction (excl. text changes)

Maybe there are further things you need, like music (search, licensing and implementation), multiple file splitting or a strictly timed VO for a plain localisation. – No problem!


You provide me with the material, I need for the project.

Most probably, it will be a script. Maybe a video file. In rare cases, I would even ask for a reference audio snippet to make sure, I get the pronounciation right. – Typically some sort of technical/medical term or the name of a brand, person or city.

When I have all that, you give me green light and I tell you when I can provide you with the final recording.

Now it’s time to hit the RECORD button and get it on.


Here is your voiceover!

After editing and finalizing to the needs of your project, I double check the recording if everything is golden. Then I export the recording from my DAW to the file format you chose and send it to you.

Now it is time for you to review the result. Everything fine? Excellent! Head on to #6.

But what if you find something seems not to be the way we discussed it? – Well, maybe it is, but you feel, it should be different?
Or you find, that one line of the script is rather confusing or simply  wrong!


Optimization needed? – No problem.

As you know, you have one round of correction for free! We talk about what you heard and how you like it to be adjusted. We take time and work it out. Of course, corrections have higher priority, since it is a running project.

When a text change requires a rerecording of parts of the script, it will add to the cost, sure. But by keeping it as minimal invasive as possible, it will not break the bank.
the rerecorded part will just blend in with the initial recording. No difference noticable.


Done! The recording is good and can be used now!

This is where our collaboration on this project ends. We can now virtually shake hands and on we go to our next tasks.

That was nice, wasn’t it? – Next time will be even better!

You want to listen to the recording session?
Be there through phone (SIP) or Skype!

Remote Recording via Session Link Pro, Source Connect Now & Steinberg VST Connect Pro.
From the  next city or the other side of the globe.

Choose between two autarkical signal chains!
Two different microphones and two different preamps cover a whole lot of sonic ground
Expensive & Vintage. Present & Modern.


This is a little selection of projects, I lent my voice for, recently (2016 until today).


This also is a little, handpicked selection of corporations, publishers and institutions who are convinced of my work for them.

  • SWR
  • VW
  • Marriott
  • SRAM
  • Tessloff-Verlag
  • ILA Berlin
  • BMBF*
  • Heinz Nixdorf Museum
  • Legalbase
  • Gameloft

*) Abbreviations/Akronyms:
BMAS = Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales.
BMBF = Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
HdM = Hochschule der Medien
STMUV = Bayrisches Staatsmuseum für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz


If you have questions or would like a quote for your next project, just contact me. You will get notice within a few hours, typically.

Feel free to text me via WhatsApp or through the Facebook messenger, if you like!

mobil: +49 (0) 176 23 644 793
fb-Seite: SprecherMikeLanghans